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3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition

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Put on these high-definition 2K virtual reality headset and immerse yourself in the mind-blowing world of virtual reality.

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Step into a whole new world.

The minute you put on the 3Glasses D2, you are taken to another world. Welcome to the world of VR: Top racer, superhero, world-class pilot – you can be whoever you want to be. The Great Wall of China, the Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal – you can get anywhere within seconds. Begin your exhilarating VR experiences with 3Glasses D2.

  • High definition 2K Display for utmost clarity;
  • 110°FOV that fills your field of vision;
  • Low latency to ensure smooth and realistic imagery;
  • Comfortable ergonomic design;
  • Touch panel for easier use;
  • Photosensor element for better display protection;
  • Play with your glasses on, or let 3Glasses D2 autofocus to fit your eyesight.


Space Gray、platinum

Weight and dimensions


Weight:246g(the actual object should be considered as final)


2K HD screen

5.5inches(diagonal)TFT-LCD display

2560×1440 pixel resolution,534ppi

Refresh rate 60Hz


Double non-spherical high transparency lenses
Uses 543 nanometer anti-blue ray lenses to block out most of the harmful rays
Uses AR coating to enhance light transmission


Imported chip

9 axis sensor

3 axis Gyroscope

3 axis Accelerometer

3 axis Magnetometer

Refresh rate 1000Hz

Optical element        

The headset senses when it is being worn, and the screen automatically switches on or off

Touch panel

No need for a mouse, interact with the UI to flip pages and choose your desired function. The specific controls depend on each game’s settings.

External buttons and ports

(User manual button diagram)


HDMI connector、USB2.0 connector


Side band 540mm

Band material

Length 3M,Diameter 3.6mm

Suitable for

Pupil distance 58-66mm Nose height 39mm Face width 180mm

*Glasses of Width<140mm、Height<66mm ,can fit inside the headset

-  3Glasses D2 Vanguard Edition
-  Cloth
-  Product user manual
-  Carrying case
-  USB pen drive

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